Adding a new drive to Silveblue and wanted permissions

Hi, there. Need a bit help. I great new disk and GPT and then one ext4 partition. I make for pile of files what are sediment in our PC for update to an 33. Now I have disk nicely available but there is prompt for Superuser. I made following.

sudo chgrp adm /media/My_username/8d776c21-0684-4bf6-a733-8adb708765701
sudo chmod g+w /media/Again_my_username/8d776c21-0684-4bf6-a733-8adb708765701

It still asking password. How this is made in a Silverblue? I do not obviosly understand Superuser and user hierarchy in SB.

Hello @juhafinlandvoaa,
Is this a removable disk? By that I mean is it a USB HDD?

Nono, I have four disk in PC connected by SATA to MB.

If you have the system setup already with BTRFS possibly this link is a good read for you If you are using EXT4+LVM then this article covers the idea sort of, its about adding space after running out the link is
Also, there is an article coming out monday on that will be covering this very topic of adding a drive or drives to an LVM managed storage setup.

BTRFS seems very interesting. I have EXT4 w/o LVM. i did have some time and was looking articles. In Disk utility you can set not to ask credentials in mount and to be mounted in boot. I cross out option and no difference. Asking still Superuser password for mounting. Is that bug?

Yes, though it is a bug. In disk utility if I choose option to not ask ask credentials in mount it do not work in boot but if you unmount disk in utility then it goes to disk w/o authentication after a boot. Am I finding a bug? Can you help me with this Jack? And if it so how to get credits from that?

All right then. if I want to copy all files to back up disk. How do you use DD? If I have drive dev/sdc and there sdc2 where all files are and want to create sdb. Is it then.

dd if=/dev/sdc2 of=/dev/sdb

If it so then if the partition is 249 GB and the destination 64 GB how DD will do it? I read that DD copy also empty space and not only files as you may think first place.

Why use dd? why not use rsync? It’s more use friendly than dd, and dd can really cause some damage if you point it at the wrong locate.

But this is application. I need only to copy home directory to an other disk in a PC. It is similar to Putty what i was using from laptop to overseas server of my own. So how you execute DD in a way that you go to bigger partition to an smaller volume partition, even that files what you know fits easily to destination drive.

Rsync is made for making copies of your home dir (among other things). I wouldn’t use dd to do that. The partition size won’t matter to rsync, only the available space for what’s being copied.
Heres a link to a post about it While it is possible to use dd for such as backing up your entire home dir, it isn’t the recommended approach since dd is capable of such potential damage as a root user run program, it is very effective for low level work on the filesystem. That is why cp was created. And cp is why rsync was created.

I was following home to another disk instructions as follows, but not that I have separate home directory. I think Btrfs is worth to look more close. I am ready now for a update.

I would recommend a look at this, glad you have resolved it.

Just to add to the conversation regarding adding storage to your system … This post was published on Fedora Magazine It may be worth a read.

Thank You mate. Sure, it is worth to read.