Add Devanagari Inscript (Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit etc.) keyboard layouts in KDE

How do I add Devanagari Inscript keyboard layouts for Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit etc. in KDE Keyboard module in system settings. Currently the same are not available by default.

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Hi @amoldan, try localectl.  Maybe it has what you’re need (idk).


Could you please introduce new user (This is the first time @user has posted) in this way:

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Hi. My name is a Amol. I am from Maharashtra, India. I am a linux user since last 15 years. So I am not a total newbie but also not a very advanced level user. I am able to tinker with the configuration files on a basic level by following instructions over the web.

I recently installed Fedora 32 beta KDE which I liked a lot. I tried to set up Devenagari (the script used to write Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit etc.) input as my work requires me write letters to the local government in Marathi. However I ran into certain problems. Both fcitx and ibus could not input any Marathi letters into native KDE applications. Hence I was looking for a keyboard layout switcher in the KDE System Settings > Keyobard module but I couldn’t find Devenagari / Marathi input keyboard layout in there. So I posted a query here.

Hope to get a solution from you. Thanks!

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localectl changes the locale, it does not add new keyboards etc. as far as I know.

The last time I’d tried it, it was using the various Ibus input methods. I’m not on KDE, but this is what’s available in the Gnome settings:

I think I’d tried the phonetic one, and it had worked quite well.

Since this uses the ibus-m17n bits, you’ll need to ensure you have ibus-m17n installed:

$ sudo dnf info ibus-m17n
Last metadata expiration check: 0:06:02 ago on Sat 28 Mar 2020 20:27:28 GMT.
Installed Packages
Name         : ibus-m17n
Version      : 1.4.2
Release      : 2.fc32
Architecture : x86_64
Size         : 154 k
Source       : ibus-m17n-1.4.2-2.fc32.src.rpm
Repository   : @System
From repo    : fedora
Summary      : The M17N engine for IBus platform
URL          :
License      : GPLv2+
Description  : M17N engine for IBus input platform. It allows input of many languages using
             : the input table maps from m17n-db.


Note, just noticed that you’re on F32 beta. Please keep in mind that it has not yet been released, so it may still have bugs. Please get in touch with the Fedora QA team if you find any:

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