Activities window freezes in GNOME DE

Hello, I have just installed Fedora with GNOME DE. This is my second time using a GNOME desktop. I have used it in Ubuntu, around 2 weeks ago. I had no problems with it.

Now in Fedora, when I open Activities, I can’t move the mouse until the animation of opening finishes. Same way, I can’t move my mouse until animation finishes in “Show Applications”. Animations are fast and there is no freezing in animations. Same way, when I click “Utilities” folder in it, mouse freezes until animation finishes.

My specs that can be interesting for you:
Intel e5500
AMD R7 240

I have 1.4 GB of RAM usage and around %2 load on both cores in my CPU when idling.
When I press activities, CPU1 spikes to %8, CPU2 still in %2, when I press “Show Applications” CPU1&2 are around %12

So, I don’t think it’s because of my old hardware. Any help would be more than welcomed!

Try using xorg and see how it goes. You just click the gear icon on the log in window and choose the next option to use instead of the stand Gnome that runs on Wayland.

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I used xorg and it freeze couple of times. I long press power button and boot again.

Thanks! This solved the problem.

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I also had to force restart with ctrl+alt+delete after a update. I don’t know if it was Gnome or Wayland causing the problem.

The normal Fedora Workstation works so well with wayland, it just acts up after a update.

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