Activities Overview Search Open Browser Tabs

I am looking for a way to expand the search capabilities of the Activity Overview search function. I would love to be able to search for websites that are open then have the UI navigate me to the app & workspace when selecting the option, just like it does when I select an open app. Currently, the Activity Overview search for a website that is open in another workspace just opens that website as a new tab and you must click a popup at the top of the screen.

Near as I can find in the Gnome search settings and Google there is not a way to do this. I am testing this using Firefox, but if another browser integrates with the search better I will try that.

I am loving the gnome interface and the ease of navigation, but I find the lack of this aspect frustrating.

Thanks for any input you may have.

Hi @jonathanc , welcome to the forum.

Here’s the Gnome documentation on how to go about writing a search provider:

I haven’t looked into it myself, so I’m not entirely sure of what one can do.

There are also a number of extensions that provide search providers, so they may be worth looking at too (search for “search provider”)

Thank you @ankursinha. Knowing that “search provider” was the proper term for what I am looking for got me pointed in the right direction. A lot of the Gnome extensions were out of date, but it lead me to a github project linked below that accomplishes what I was looking for.

And thanks for the welcome.

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