Activities and Icons overhang top bar on Fedora 32

Greetings, I’ve just upgraded to Fedora 32, and I’m having a peculiar issue where the Activies tab and icons at the top right of the screen overhang the top bar. Has anyone else come across this? I’ve provided an example screenshot below.

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Can you please create a new user and see if the issue persists there? That will tell us if this is a system-issue or one related to your current user.


Thanks Francisco, after creating a new user I can see now this issue is related only to my primary account. I did some digging in gnome tweak settings, specifically Appearance, and discovered the issue was related to my shell theme. For some reason, using the default shell theme was causing the overhanging. My other shell themes installed did not have the same issue, so I switched over to a different one.
Even weirder still, after changing back to my default shell theme (I might have restarted before this, I don’t remember), the icons and activities corrected themselves, with no overhanging. Overall, still not certain what specifically the issue was, but hey, at least it has fixed itself.

EDIT: To clarify, just restarting my system did NOT fix this issue, it wasn’t until after changing shell themes that the default theme “corrected” itself.


So I guess switching back to the default theme solves that issue and the overhang was related to the custom theme. If it has been solved for you, please mark it as so. :slight_smile:

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