Active Screen Edges doesn't work with some applcations on my laptop


I have installed Fedora 36 with GNOME Desktop on my PC and Laptop.

The interesting thing is, that all applications can be resized by active screen edge on my PC but on my laptop some of them can not.

For example Nautilus and Virt Manager can’t be resized on my laptop, but LibreOffice Writer or Xournal++ or Evolution can.

An other interesting thing is, that only the left and right edges doesn’t work. The upper edge works with all applications on my laptop too.

I tried already to deactivate and the activate again the switch in Settings at “Multitasking” tab.

What could I do to get it work for all applications?

Thank you very much in advance!

Has nobody a suggestion for solution? :frowning:

Could you try to create a new user and look if the same issue happens?
Just to understand that it is something limited to some configuration for your user, or it is system wide.

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This is odd. I’m on wayland and I can’t produce this. What’s the output of inxi -CSMGxx?