Accidentally Deleted Gnome Box

Hey all,

I accidentally deleted one of my Gnome boxes and it had a pretty important .pem key. Is there any way to recover this Gnome boxes? I’m using Fedora Silverblue.

How was it deleted? Using the file manager (nautilus) or from the cli?
Some tools allow recovery and some don’t so we need more info.


It depends on how it was deleted. If it left the .img/.raw/.qcow2 file for the disk on your drive, then you can probably just run qemu-kvm against that file and recover it. If the storage file was also deleted, then it’s going to be very difficult, if even possible, to recover unless you had btrfs snapshots or something like that enabled.

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Apologies - just coming back to see this now. I basically just selected the box and deleted it. I tried to rollback Silverblue and see if it was available but I also don’t fully understand this system ha - i’m actually going to try to move back to WorkStation…

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “run qemu-kvm” against it - I guess i only have a very rocky year of learning Linux. I should probably just switch to Rocky Linux at this point haha. At any rate, since it’s silverblue, IDK if the folder/directory your referring to is in /var/ or just at the user level… I also don’t know what the command should be (literally) or what “running against” necessarily means… apologies.

do you have a backup of your home directory? (it’s a must)

If yes, then you have a backup of your virtual box, so just recover the box from backup.

Well I was under the impressionthat Silverblue just created automatic backups every time I signed off and back on with containers. I believe I was wrong in this assumption, so to anser your question: I don’t know/probably not.