Accidentally Deleted /bin/cgconfig.conf

As said in the title i deleted the cgconfig.conf by error when deleting other similarly named software.

When i follow this guide

And enter this commands

" mkdir /cgroup/cpu"

I get this error: impossible to create the directory file or directory non existant.
Also are /bin/cgconfig.conf and /etc/cgconfig.conf the same because i can’t find anything about bin/cgconfig

Thanks for any help

There is no such file as /bin/cgconfig.conf, unless you created it yourself in the wrong place.

/bin/cgconfig[1] is a program from the cgnslib package for computational fluid dynamics. It is not related to /etc/cgconfig.conf or cgroups. If you accidentally deleted /bin/cgconfig, you can reinstall the package:

$ sudo dnf reinstall cgnslib

If you have any questions about configuring cgroups, please make a separate post for it. RHEL 6 documentation is probably outdated for current Fedora, which uses cgroups-v2 by default since F31.

  1. Technically /usr/bin/cgconfig; /bin is a symlink to /usr/bin. ↩︎