Accessibility settings for the pre-login console?

If I’m in the login screen, control+alt+F2 goes to a console; control+alt+F1 returns to the login screen.

In the console, there is a lot of very fast flashing. I can’t look at the screen while typing, or read the screen and its outputs at all.

Is there a way to fix the pre-login console so it stops flashing?

If not, is there a way to switch to another pre-login console?

I think the current one is agetty.

P.S. This article refers to a kernel patch; I’d like something short of that: No blinking | JURTA

ctrl-alt-F[3-6] should each give a login console session with no interaction with the gui at all initially.

If those all have the flashing it would seem something may be off with the GPU and drivers used.

They do, though.

Are you able to log in and is the screen usable after logging in? If so it will be easier to collect information and make configuration changes.

Is the flashing limited to the cursor, the text, the background or something else?
Did the flashing start after a fresh install or was the system free of annoying flashing until some recent change such as configuration changes or updates?

Normally, the consoles are provided by fbcon. Here, on a system using Intel graphics:

% journalctl -b -g fbcon
Mar 15 08:38:02 f39 kernel: fbcon: Taking over console
Mar 15 08:38:04 f39 kernel: fbcon: i915drmfb (fb0) is primary device

Yes. I can log in to the console, as well as my desktop environments.

But no, the screen is not usable with the flashing. I think it’s the cursor, but I can’t see for sure because of the flashing. I haven’t used these consoles before.


 echo -e "\e[?112c"

Found at

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Thank you! Very helpful.