Accessibility issues - on screen keyboards

Current situation is really hard for a visually impared if an onboard screen is neccessary. One of my relatives suffering from eye problems, and thats why we purchased a huge monitor. But to work, I use a portable Dell 5300 2-in-1 machine that runs usually in tablet mode. Therefore the on screen keyboard is a lifesaver. However, the implemented solution is provides english only ui, and not a full keyboard, and at logon is a mess to type a 2inch virtual keyboard if your primary screen is 13.3 inch. Not to mention its inflexibility. We tried other solutions, but onboard is x11 only, caribou is dead, florence is buggy, and squeekboard is like an elephant in a porcelain shop, crashes with pipewire if you want audio feedback, or chrashes randomly with other components. So, if we kill x11 in the future, most of the Accessibility apps users gonna be doomed… and on screen keyboards only one component.

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