About the Off-Topic Fun category

Fedora as a community is more than just technology — the friends foundation is real! This is a place to talk about hobbies, pets, funny memes, and so on. Remember to keep things positive — no negativity or arguing, and let’s leave politics, religious debate, and the like at the door. Have fun!

If you prefer to participate primarily by email, you can “watch” this category. You can start new threads by email by sending to fedoraproject+off-topic-fun@discoursemail.com from the email address you have configured for Fedora Discussion.

Note that this is an experiment. The primary purpose of this discussion forum is to talk about Fedora itself. But, since we’re a community of friends, sometimes we get into other topics, and the bonding that can come from that helps us all work together. So, let’s see how it goes!