About the Haskell category

A place for discussing the use and improvement of the Haskell programming language in Fedora.

Haskell is a statically typed purely functional programming language.
There is a small Fedora Haskell SIG maintaining the Haskell packages in Fedora, which include pandoc, xmonad, ShellCheck, Agda, dhall, idris, git-annex, hadolint, etc, and the packaging guidelines and tools.

You can post questions about:

  • How is use the Haskell support in Fedora
  • Expressing wishes or longer term packaging changes or improvements
  • Using and extending the ghc module streams
  • CI and containers using Fedora Haskell
  • How to do Haskell building using Fedora and packaging for Fedora
  • Suggesting tooling ideas
  • Haskell for EPEL
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