About the Council Workspace category

This category is an workspace for the Fedora Council acting as a team. It may contain draft ideas, work in progress, checklists, wiki-like collaborative posts, etc. None of these should be considered Official in any way.

This is also the landing place for linked automatic topics from the Fedora Council issue tracker. We want to discussion in one place,[1] so we discourage conversation in tickets — but, we also use tickets for a lot of things that are just procedural or to-do items and don’t need discussion. So, the automatic posts land in this category, and we will move those which should get discussion to the other category.

If you aren’t on the Council and see something here which you would like to discuss, that’s welcome — either flag it for moderation and it will be moved, or reply as a linked topic.[2] In fact, Council members should do the same for anything that grows in scope.

Note that if you subscribe to the council tag, you will get notifications regardless of category.

  1. the #council tag in :category_project: Project Discussion ↩︎

  2. See Site tip: create linked topics for deep dives or tangents - Fedora Discussion. ↩︎

Is this category public?

It is visible to the public but meant to be a team workspace. As noted above, if anyone not on the council would like to discuss something, that is welcome — just create a thread in Project Discussion with the council tag, referring back.

I’ve made some edits — does that make it more clear?

Yes, now I understand better. :+1:

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Okay, so, @council … having ticket conversation posts go here is clearly not working right. I thought that I’d moved those that need discussion to Project Discussion, but clearly I missed some (and no one else did it, either). So, I’m changing the bot to instead post to Project Discussion, and we can move “functional” ones here instead. (Or enhance the bot, possibly linking it to gitlab tags.)