About the Audio Production category

This is the primary discussion forum for all things audio production in the Fedora world. This includes, but is not limited to Fedora Jam.

Feel free to use the forum for discussions that are not purely technical in nature. Ask Fedora remains the main source of solutions to technical problems and members of the forum are encouraged to use it and help other users that experience technical issues related to audio production.

Fedora Linux is an excellent and stable base for audio production, so this forum is designed and was imagined as a place where other users can get together, share information and experiences, and ask questions as to how to use Fedora resources, such as how and where to request packages, post howto’s, advocacy, etc.

Please remember the Code of Conduct and to follow the guidelines. Topics that are not Fedora, Fedora Jam or in general related to audio production on Fedora will be considered off topic and removed or redirected. This forum is not for displaying or promoting your audio products. For that, you will have to go elsewhere.

If you prefer to participate primarily by email, you can “watch” this category. You can start new threads by email by sending to fedoraproject+audio@discoursemail.com from the email address you have configured for Fedora Discussion.