Abnormal hh:mm on top bar GNOME

Hello, I’m using Fedora Workstation since F35. I have this issue where my time is showing three dots instead of two like how it’s supposed to look like.
Here’s the picture:

I’ve set my my Language and Region as Singapore English which uses : and not triple dots.

Please help with this inconvenience, thanks.

Does the issue happen if you change language to English or English (US)?

Yes, I changed my Language and Region to both English US and English UK (logged out each attempts), but it still shows the three dots.

As a matter of fact, the three dots only shows after I log into my user account.

OH MY GOD. The issue is caused by the font I used.

Previously I was using SF Pro Display Regular, and when I switched to Cantarell Regular it fixes the issue.

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That’s still strange as the colon shouldn’t change to a triple colon .

Though if you want a similar font to SF, you could try Inter (available in Fedora as rsms-inter-fonts). Maybe a packaged font with proper fontconfig rules will work.