Aadhaar (India) and Fedora Authentication


The above is the list of Certified devices by Govt of India for Aadhaar related software.
Can any of the above also be used to authenticate a user in Fedora?
If yes, how?


Note: link from Biometric Devices - Unique Identification Authority of India | Government of India

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I see a few of them to say they support Linux, so they should be fine. Worth asking their manufacturers what they mean by “Linux support” perhaps.

It, unfortunately, comes down to individual hardware and whether or not they include support in the kernel (or if they need an additional kernel driver etc.). The only sure way to tell is to test devices out—either the manufacturer does this, or a user has to do it.

If a hardware does “support Linux”, the next thing is to see if it supports the Linux authentication frameworks. I don’t know enough about them, so I’ll let someone else chime in.