A thought: should we add `-team` to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion?

The basic concept of this forum’s layout is that tags in the :category_project: Project Discussion category are intended to be analogous to (or replacements for) various Fedora Project mailing lists, which are mostly team / SIG / subproject lists.

I’m hoping that we’ll very soon now have the Discourse Enterprise contract in place, which will enable us to merge in Ask Fedora.

On the one hand, it kind of feels organizationally nice and clean to have questions about Fedora Server tagged #server in the (future) Ask Fedora category and topics for the project team in Project Discussions, and be able to click the tag and see them all at once.

However, this presents a problem for notifications (both by email and via the site’s indicator and “inbox”): you can’t subscribe to a tag per category only. That might be annoying for a workflow where you want to keep project team discussion separate from user questions. On the web, one can browse in that way (e.g.: Project Discussion category, tag #server), and mail subscribers could set up filtering on both the tag (in the subject line) and category (in List-ID: in the headers), but that’s an extra step and might not fit right for everyone.

So, as the subject says: what do you think about renaming most of the tags used under Project Discussion to have a -team, -sig, or -wg prefix?

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As I see it:


  • somewhat less pretty
  • will break people’s existing filtering
  • won’t be able to get a single view of both e.g. #server and #server-wg


  • the subscription / notification thing would be solved
  • more clean user discussion / team discussion separation in a merged-site world
  • less likely for people to land in the wrong place[1]

  1. we can Tag Groups, so the -team suffixed tags would only be available in Project Dicussions, and the “plain” versions in Ask. ↩︎

Makes sense to me. It makes the structure also more comprehensible for newcomers. And I do not see a real disadvantage. I think the merge will force people to adjust here and there anyway, and pretty ain’t really a big thing, at least imho.

I think the distinction between questions on ask.fp & the wg is much more important. So it could be argued that this is an advantage.

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Agreed. I’d go as far as to say that if we don’t do this, it will disincentivize contributor participation, as the perceived signal-to-noise ratio would plummet.


I’m also in favor of making such distinction.

And soo,… do I understand well that project discussions could have -team, -sig, -wg tag suffixes and ask.fp discussions could be ‘ask’ or ‘ask-fp’ tagged?

What I am imagine right now, and I could be misunderstanding, is that there will be two categories. Project Discussions is one category and Ask Fedora is another. Additionally, when people make posts they may want to tag certain things, so there would be the #server, for example, to specifically thread the topic to all of those topics, and then a #server-wg that will quietly co-exist so that the contributors can have a way of separating their focused discussions from the… more lackadaisical conversations that may happen.

A slight addition that is a bit off-topic but indirectly related:

It should be ensured that if people open topics in the merged discourse, the default category should be the ask category. The majority of ask.fedora users are not very deep in the Fedora organization and many just “click through” to get their problem posted. The ask by default reduces the likelihood of ask topics in, e.g., “server-wg” of the other category. I don’t think we need to worry about the vice versa.

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Yes, @joseph — exactly what you describe.

Yeah, I agree. We had this problem on Ask alone with people guessing “Common Issues” when they didn’t have a default. So I added this plug-in, which allows a default to be set. Right now, the default is Ask in English on that site and Project Discussions here.

I agree that Ask should probably be the overall default in a merged site, but it’d be nice to make that customizable per-user. But even as is the default only gets loaded when there wouldn’t be one otherwise, like starting from the front page. If you press “new topic” inside a category, that category is the default. So that’s not so bad.

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Okay, so — seems like everyone is in general agreement. I’m going to go ahead with this when I get a chance. Each team tag should have an owner, so I’ll contact all of those folks individually.