A subcategory for Classroom session related discussion

Hi there,

We wanted to set up a channel where people that attend our various classroom sessions may be able to ask questions afterwords—when they see the recording and so on. We think discourse would work really well for this, and as an added advantage, it would also provide more visibility to the community on discourse outside it.

So, would it be possible to set up a “Classroom” subcategory here? Maybe under “Fedora Friends” since classrooms aren’t don’t fit into any of the other categories?

If a few of us classroom SIG folks could be made mods/admins, that’ll help us manage this subcategory too: @x3mboy @bt0dotninja @hhlp @ankursinha (me)

Cc: @mattdm, @sanja, @puiterwijk, @bex



Sounds good to me — I created the category. I’m traveling right now so I’ll look at the “making people mods” part later if someone doesn’t beat me to it.


Done that making mods part for the requested usernames as well now. Cheers!