A question about Fedora Cinnamon Log in

After installing Fedora Cinnamon, I was able to boot into my desktop environment by signing in one time as is expected. After upgrading the system, I restarted and got to the login screen, I signed in, then I was returned to the login screen again, so I signed in again, then I got to my desktop.

My question is what’s with the double sign in. Why is this happening? Is there anything I can do to fix it? If you need more information, please tell me what you need to know.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,


Has the ‘double sign in’ been required every restart login since? I have used Fedora with the Cinnamon desktop environment for years and have never seen this behavior, and I update and reboot as new kernels are available or log out and back in for lesser updates.


Yes. I initially saw the notification for your reply while in Windows 11. I restarted o access Fedora, and I had to log in twice to get to my desktop.

Here are a few added bits of information that did not occur to me yesterday (24 February, 2023) when I wrote the initial question:

I have configured grub2 to access the current OS on restart (I reboot, when I get to the OS selection screen, the cursor is on the OS I restarted from, not the default of Fedora-cinnamon). I checked that the GRUB_DEFAULT line reads “GRUB_DEFAULT=saved”. I created a blank line below it. On that blank line I entered “GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT=true” and saved my changes. To update my grub2 configuration, I used the command “sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg”.

I made this change immediately after completing the Fedora-Cinnamon installation, and rebooting into my new desktop environment. After re-configuring grub2, I restarted the computer and switched to Windows 11. Shortly after, I re-booted back into Fedora-Cinnamon. No double sign-in. I then upgraded Fedora-Cinnamon. I re-booted, and signed in. I was returned to the sign-in screen, so I signed in again. On the second sign-in I reached my desktop environment.

Perhaps something I did caused grub2 to exhibit this behavior. I hope these added details are useful, and I hope there is a solution/fix. The double sign-in is definitely not a deal breaker for me, but it is puzzling, and a bit concerning to me.


Are you using full-disk encryption? If so, that explains it — the first is actually the encryption passphrase, not your user login.

No. I did not encrypt the disk when I installed Fedora. I used the EXT4 filesystem.