A problem with installing .deb package

Hi I have a problem with installing .deb package.

I convert .deb package with Alien to .rpm but I have an error when install it: filename conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.14-3.fc33.x86_64

This means that this file can not be installed on my PC or I can do something to install it?

This means that the converted deb package ends up having something which duplicates a file already in our base system. So, it can’t easily be installed. It might be possible to force it, but it might break something. What is the package?

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vitalium-lv2 (synthesizer)

upd: fork of Vital synth

So how I can force it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, first, let’s look at the conflict. What specific file does it say conflicts?

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It looks like it’s this, right? GitHub - DISTRHO/DISTRHO-Ports: Linux audio plugins and LV2 ports

You may be better off following the direct build-from-source instructions rather than trying to convert a foreign package.


I downloaded this .deb package from kxstudio site and on this site were this link

Meson didn’t found CMake so I installed it, but meson also don’t found dependency alsa. How can I install alsa? I thought alsa is installed on my PC. I use it with jack when I using Ardour


sudo dnf search alsa


sudo dnf list *alsa*

Note that to compile software from source, you need to install the development package of the dependencies also. So, look for the -devel packages, so you probably need alsa-lib-devel etc.


With alsa question is done, but now meson wrote about gl. I think it’s OpenGL, but don’t know what package I need to search and install. Can you help?


Ok, I’ve installed mesa-libEGL-devel and it’s done :grinning:


Big thanks for giving me tips guys. All is working well


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