A note on badges and Fedora integration

Right now, of course, the badges awarded are simply part of the Discourse system. This is open source software which we are using in hosted form (thanks @sanja, @misc, and OSAS!). Ideally, we’d hook into fedmsg, but to do that we’ll need a custom plugin which we don’t have yet and can’t run with the hosted site, at least not without a very expensive hosting plan. So, we’ll probably move to self-hosted. Among other things, that’ll allow us to tie into the Fedora Badges System and Fedora Notifications.

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Oooh! @puiterwijk tells me that we can use the webhooks to tie in to fedmsg without needing a local plugin, so maybe we’ll get that sooner rather than later!


Depending when this lands, it could be helpful for the How to become a Fedora Badges Sysadmin Superstar workshop at Flock, if it is accepted. The focus is at a sysadmin level, but it would be fun to try and mobilize new badges with fedmsg hooks for Discourse too.