A new software project. Who's with me?

Brainstorm / fever-dream I had last night:

I think we should fork GNOME Nautilus.

And name it “Fedora the Explorer”.

C’mon, you know you want to. Anybody?


While my oldest Daughter would hardily agree, she was and is still a huge Dora fan, I must humbly plead with you to not contemplate such. :roll_eyes:

vits95's flood

FtE (Fedora the Explorer) then:

  • should accept the voice input.
    • should produce “Lets explore this mess together!” sounds
  • if HDD disk detected, it should refuse to open /lib
    • or invoke the terminal with ls /lib (the current implementation can even crash there).
  • Also it should be packaged up with a good manual.
    • And work from the console.
      • Like M-x dired, but better: with the
        connect to" and “mount / umount” actions, and the thumbnails (why we ever need the image browsers!?).
  • The maskot should not be a blue seashell with a “f” on it. Period :wink:

But easier way is to fork the kitty: We can call it a “Standard Terminal And Graphicks File Manager” (STAG-FM).

You left out, “Should not accept gesture input of any kind.”

(That’s right: NO SWIPING!)

Kids… Funny. If it is your dream, fork Gnome put it in gitlab, github and share your work; move the a…#$ and do it! maybe somebody help you…

Was that in reference to me? I’m 45! :laughing: (Though I like to think I’ve never acted it.)

The age is irrelevant… the point is; You can’t wait of others for realize your dream… Only; Just do it! Just do it!
Just do it!

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