A new album made with VCV Rack / Audacity on Fedora 33

I made a new “album” using VCV Rack and Audacity.
How it works to make a song using VCV Rack:

  • First I try to add some ideas in VCV Rack. I can add some sequencers, some noise sources + filters, reverb, try to add some delays too (delays are a very useful tool to produce some strange sounds).
  • Try to add a new module in each songs too
  • After that, I play with the patch. What are the sounds possibilities, are there some interesting audio glitches I can play with ? I can refine the patch, removing some part and adding more stuff.
  • Now, ready to record. I use Audacity + jack for the recording.
  • Once recorded, I lisen to the track and, under Audacity, I try to apply PaulStretch effect. This effect allows to slow down the track and sometimes, some really interesting effects pop up.
  • And now, I save the final track …

You can hear the album on Jamendo:


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