A couple of Freenode references on commops pages

There are a couple of references to Freenode still on CommOps pages. On the front docs page - Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) :: Fedora Docs - there’s a big blue box which says “IRC: #fedora-commops on freenode”. The “Writing a Community Blog article” page at Writing a Community Blog article – Fedora Community Blog has IRC links titled “Freenode IRC”, which do indeed still link to Freenode. These should all be updated to Libera.chat.

Also, it seems a bit odd that CommOps has a Telegram group but no room on chat.fedoraproject.org , except one that’s marked as “old”…


Hmmm, I see https://chat.fedoraproject.org/#/room/#commops:fedoraproject.org but it’s pretty much vacant — the last thing is @nb noting a problem with the bridge.

I updated the blog
Let me know if we can improve the edit

PR to update the infographic png (and svg): PR#272: replace freenode with Libera Chat in infographics - fedora-commops - Pagure.io
now it says

IRC: #fedora-commops@LiberaChat
Matrix: #commops:fedoraproject.org

Space constraints so couldn’t add proper spaces for #fedora-commops @ Libera Chat

Followed up on the bridge request: Issue #46: Matrix bridge request: #fedora-commops - irc - Pagure.io