6.0.17 update then hang on login


The machine I’m experiencing issues with is a Ryzen 5 5600 based desktop with an RX 6700 XT running just the default amdgpu driver on Fedora 37 KDE workstation.
It was running well at 6.0.15 and this morning I did a
sudo dnf update -y and lots of things were updated including the kernel (probably the amdgpu driver as well but do not know).
Upon reboot and after the sddm-greeter (login screen) the desktop starts to load and then freeze: the screen is frozen on an empty desktop and the keyboard is unresponsive (caps lock doesn’t toggle etc). Physical reset is the only thing that works.

Have tried:

  • disabling the AMD pstate driver at boot (no visible difference)
  • booted the prior kernel 6.0.15, then logging in works
  • had a look in the journal and there isn’t a wholesale gpu crash, the system seems to indicate it reaches a graphical target toward the end but it ends with the sddm-greeter complaining about children and threads - it doesn’t appear to record anything after the freeze starts

Has anyone else with an AMD graphics card experienced issues with the latest updates?

On a tangent I’m running the same Fedora 37 KDE Workstation on another machine with an intel cpu and igp and it was updated in the same manner simultaneously and it isn’t displaying any issues.

(I was just recently questioning the personal need for an immutable system but it could be fun to try Kinoite on this machine as it is my “gaming machine” and not the main one and thus more suitable for laboration)

Do you automatically mount some samba share?

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Hi, yep. Funny you should mention that, on the intel machine I just launched Obsidian (which opens a repository on said samba share) and total freeze, just as the other machine did on login, i.e unresponsive keyboard and nothing definitive in the journal (from what I can tell). I’ll try commenting out the relevant entry from /etc/fstab and see where that leads. Thanks for the hint, will report back

Then you hit this problem

Just boot with the previous kernel and wait for the next update.


Thanks! That was indeed it. Removing the samba mount line from /etc/fstab made the AMD 6.0.17 sys loginable again and the intel system stopped freezing as soon as Dolphin or Obsidian (who would try to read the hopefully mounted* samba share) were launched. Since I am a bit dependant upon this share I’ll boot the prior kernel for the time being and watch that bug.

*The intel machine sometimes fails to auto mount this samba share using the exact same mount params as the AMD machine (which has never failed to mount this share)

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thanks I had the same problem
looks like there are some CIFS-related issues in the 6.0.16 kernel and 6.0.17
It was fixed on 6.0.18 (currently in testing).