5.16.12 and 15 break lenovo slim badly

sort of new, so i hope this is the right place.
I have used fedora for some years now, rock-solid. So i got confident and turned auto-updates on.
This bit me badly at 5.16.12 and now again a 5.16.15 (because i sill left auto on, dumbo)

The machine is a Lenovo Slim 14 pro with amd 5800hs, which had no wifi under fedora 34, and now the rtw89 (from memory) is merged and it was working in fedora 35 with 5.15+ kernels. 5.16.9 is what i am running now.

So the problem is that after the update the machine does not boot. Stops at splash-screen, i almost had a heart attack. I am no expert so the following may be just rambling:
Somehow i think the update messed with the bios. I’m pretty sure the secure boot option was off before and on after the update. Switching it off was not enough, but with also disabling wifi, it booted again.
So i removed the newest kernel only to find that it still did not boot. Only once i did a bios reset and then switched secure boot off again did it boot again. Then i enabled wifi again and the old kernel worked with wifi, again.

As i said, there was panic involved and so i left out many try-out steps that i hope were not relevant. Now the second time (with 5.16.15) it only took half an hour and basically those steps.

So i hope i am not barking up the wrong tree here, but i thought someone might want to know as the stability is so drastically reduced.


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Good to know. Maybe also worth reporting this here: English Community-Lenovo Community ?

Hey @rubydesign - I notice you placed this under the #coreos tag. Are you using Fedora CoreOS?

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No. I just thought it is core.

But if coreos means something else, by bad.

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