4k video slows down on 1005G1

anyone can explain to me, why youtube 4k video is slows down? it’s look like a slideshow
but on windows 10 it’s ok

i have last stable version Fedora 32.

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guys i am fresh user on linux, pls help me.

Hi @nwov, welcome to the community! Please take a minute to go through the introductory post in the #start-here category if you’ve not had a chance to do so yet. It includes information on how to use the forum effectively.

Could you tell us a little more about the specs of your hardware and e.g. what browser are you using?

Hello, i have notebook
intel Core i3 1005G1
ddr 20Gb
ssd nvme 512Gb
intel UHD Graphics G1

i have a problem with 4k video on youtube, but not with every 4k video

Looks like a capable notebook nwof. What browser are you using? Did you already try another web browser? Have you installed rpmfusion repository?
It may be that your hardware is relatively new and drivers for e.g. your video will be better every update.

i used Firefox first and chrome, chrome have same problem. Yes, i have rpmfusion repository and i have last actual version Fedora.
it’s sad because i can’t use full power my notebook.

Do you know if this is a fedora specific issue? You could try e.g. another distribution live from a usb stick to see if the problem persist. If it does you probably have to wait for some update in linux.

Hi, i recently got GPU accelerated video decode working on my 2020 Dell XPS 13 with i5-1035G1 using the following tutorial–try following this it if you can.