49 new Go packages to review to review : don't worry, it's easy! [4 remaining]

golang-github-goccy-json 2224838 – (golang-github-goccy-json) Review Request: golang-github-goccy-json - Fast JSON encoder/decoder compatible with encoding/json for Go
golang-github-mitchellh-testing-interface 2232833 – (golang-github-mitchellh-testing-interfac) Review Request: golang-github-mitchellh-testing-interface - Go library to expose *testing.T as an interface
golang-github-mimuret-iij-dpf https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2224084
golang-github-civo-civogo 2224065 – (golang-github-civo-civogo) Review Request: golang-github-civo-civogo - Golang client to interact with Civo's API

I approved each of these packages.

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Thanks! I’ll look at your lulzbot packages as soon as possible.

Continuing with my golang packages might be more helpful right now. The
LulzBot packages lead to lulzbot-marlin-firmware, which I still haven’t
gotten right. (On the other hand, it would be great if you could help
me figure out lulzbot-marlin-firmware, but that might not be your
specialty.) Here are the remaining golang packages, some of which you
started reviewing:


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2231945 – Review Request: golang-modernc-sqlite - A port of SQLite/SQLite3 to Go without cgo Done
2231944 – Review Request: golang-modernc-irgo - Translates intermediate representations to Go Done
2231942 – Review Request: golang-modernc-ir - Implements intermediate representation of compiled programs Done
2231940 – Review Request: golang-modernc-cc -Package CC is a C99 compiler front end Stuff need to be done
2231938 – Review Request: golang-modernc-golex - A lex/flex like (not fully POSIX lex compatible) utility Done
2231937 – Review Request: golang-modernc-lex - Support for a *nix (f)lex like tool on .l sources Done
2231936 – Review Request: golang-modernc-lexer - Run time generator of action less scanners (lexeme recognizers) Done
2231933 – Review Request: golang-modernc-tcl - Tcl (Tool Command Language) for Go without cgo Done
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2231930 License stuff to be added
2231928 – Review Request: golang-modernc-ccgo-3 - ccgo is a C compiler targeting Go v4 needs to be packaged to package v3
2231435 – Review Request: golang-lukechampine-uint128 - Uint128 for Go Done
2231393 – Review Request: golang-modernc-libc - Runtime services for Go without cgo Done
2231373 – Review Request: golang-modernc-ccorpus2 - Continuation of ccorpus but using embed.FS Done
2231240 – Review Request: golang-github-johncgriffin-overflow - Check for int/int64/int32 arithmetic overflow in Golang Done
2231439 – Review Request: golang-modernc-ccorpus - Ccorpus provides a test body of C code You didn’t touch it since my review.

I added some minor comments on the approved packages, please update your SPECS accordingly before import.

11/15 done.

There appear to only be 2 remaining now, but the bot auto-closed them for inactivity.