4 Go packages to review


I have 4 packages to review:

This is fairly easy and fedora-review is already there for them. I suggest you using this template:

Golang Package Review

This package was generated using go2rpm, which simplifies the review.

Legend: [x] = Pass, [!] = Fail, [-] = Not applicable, [?] = Not evaluated

 - [ ] The latest version is packaged or packaging an earlier version is justified.
 - [ ] The License tag reflects the package contents and uses the correct identifiers.
 - [ ] The package builds successfully in mock.
 - [ ] Package is installable (checked by fedora-review).
 - [ ] There are no relevant rpmlint errors.
 - [ ] The package runs tests in %check.
 - [ ] The package's binaries don't conflict with binaries already in the distribution.
 - [ ] There are no %{_bindir}/* wildcards in %files.
 - [ ] The package does not use %gometa -f if it has dependents that still build for %ix86.
 - [ ] The package complies with the Golang and general Packaging Guidelines.

Package approved! On import, don't forget to do the following:

 - [ ] Add the package to release-monitoring.org
 - [ ] Add the package to Koschei
 - [ ] Give go-sig privileges (at least commit) on the package
 - [ ] Close the review bug by referencing its ID in the rpm changelog and the Bodhi ticket.


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2293849 – Review Request: golang-github-ettle-strcase - Go package to convert strings to snake_case, camelCase, kebab-case


2293850 – Review Request: golang-github-hamba-avro2 - A fast Go Avro codec (depends on strcase)

Spec is correct, but have some doubts

2293880 – Review Request: golang-cloud-google-auth - Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go for module auth

Approved, but will require work in other packages. Will you take care of them?

2293883 – Review Request: golang-github-substrait-io - Experimental Go bindings for substrait

Approved. I can’t see why it needs to be built sidetag-ed.