3 Monitor Issue only on initial Login Screen

My Desktop Computers runs Fedora 38. It has 3 monitors

Left (L) Middle (M) and RIght (R)

After I have booted and authenticated and using my system the 3 monitors work as expected.

When I’m on the Middle screen I drag my mouse cursor left it eventually goes to the Left monitor
When I’m on the Middle screen I drag my mouse cursor right it eventually goes to the Right monitor

This is all great.

The only small issue. Is that when I first boot up and it goes to the first Login Screen , when I move my mouse left on the Middle screen, it stops at the left edge of the Middle screen (The expected behaviour is the it should go to the Left screen). However when I move my mouse to the right, it goes to the Right screen correctly. When I continue moving my mouse right on the right screen, it eventually goes over to the Left monitor. The expected behaviour here should be it stops on the Right edge of the right monitor.

Just an hint. You have to apply the desired arrangement to the GDM session/user.

(I think that a simple way could be by using Login Manager Settings | Flathub)

Thanks. I did try that but didn’t make any difference.

Couple of things to note in addition

  1. I’m using KDE Plasma (X11) on my Fedora 38
  2. It’s been working fine for over a year, I’ve only just noticed the difference.

So I suspect some update caused this change in behaviour.

Bit stumped on this one.

Oh, sorry didn’t noticed you are on KDE Plasma. I updated the tags accordingly (for the records, Fedora Workstation is the GNOME edition).

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Ah very sorry about that. I should have done that myself on the first post. Will do that next time :+1: