3 finger swipe up/down is dependent on natural scrolling, how can I decouple it?

I’m on a Dell Precision m5510 with the 4k touchscreen. I tried installing several distros, and Fedora is the first to actually boot.

I really like it so far, with one exception. I can’t figure out how to decouple natural scrolling from the 3 finger swipe gesture. For me, natural scrolling is only natural when actually touching the screen. On mice/trackpads, I want up to go up and down to go down, just like the cursor does.

I changed the natural scrolling setting to off, which makes scrolling work as expected. However, now the three finger swipe to see all the apps on the current virtual desktop (and be able to quick launch) is down instead of up. This is backwards from how windows does it on this laptop and how it works on the mac book pro I use for work.

As the title says, I’d like to decouple this, so I can use 3 fingers up to do the “expose” or “mission control” like thing.

I have tried googling this, and found touchegg and touche. I installed both, but touche didn’t appear to affect my gestures at all.

Full system page: