2nd monitor does not work for specific user

I have weird problem. I use : Fedora 36 with kernel : 6.0.10-200.fc36.x86_64.
My 2nd monitor does not work for specific userid (it used to work). it only work when logout but become blank when login (no problem with other user id).
it keep disabled in display monitor and nvidia-settings (I try to enable (both using display monitor and nvidia setting) but the response just blink the monitor without activate it). I try to re-create ‘.config’ but still the 2nd monitor does not activate.

Please double check if that user has the particular monitor “disabled” or not.

With the switch show Blue, that Dell Inc. 23" is enable. Otherwise, it is disabled.

I found the problem occur after screen lock for ceritain period. So the 2nd monitor (non primary monitor)Will experience the problem after user enter the password to release/open the screen lock.

When he logout , the 2nd monitor Will active again (at login screen), and it Will deactivate again after login.

What are the physical ports the two monitors are connecting to?

Any chance you can swap the physical ports they are connect with?

They are connected at the same Nvidia card gtx3090 (both DP port 1 and 3). I’ll try to swap later.

But i doubt it happen because of the physical connection. The reason are :

  1. It turn normal when logout (both monitor show login screen)
  2. If i use clean/empty home directory of that user, and ask him to login, both monitor work normally (until the screen lock (sleep) and no activity for a while. If the user unlock the screen, the non primary monitor automatically disabled. And it can not be enabled either using display configuration or nvidia-settings).

So is there any configuration file created/changed during screen (sleep) locking/unlocking ?

After several tests including googling, I found the problem is already known : 460341 – On X11 with proprietary NVIDIA GPU drivers, external monitor disabled after reboot or wake-from-sleep as a bug of kscreen.

so during screen lock then sleep,( I think) kscreen create files under .local/share/kscreen with (i Think) random names. but it contain display cofiguration :

and I don’t know (the bug ?) why the 2nd monitor is setup as disabled. so I just change it, save it and log out then login back again. and the 2nd monitor works normally.
Hopefully the bug can be solved soon.

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That information should have been available at the very beginning so we could have helped in searching for an answer. The very newest nvidia GPUs are not yet fully supported with the nvidia driver for linux and the latest kernels.

According to Tom’s Guide and other sources that card has only been out for about 6 weeks (Mid-September).

Sorry about that Jeff, ok let’s wait then.

Yeah everything was normal until ‘kernel upgrade’ (from 5.19) although i thought i already wait enough not to use the first release of (kernel) version 6.