23: Welcome to the Podcast

YouTube: Welcome to the Podcast | Fedora Podcast 23
Audio: Welcome to the Podcast | Fedora Podcast 23

It’s been a while since we all got together for a podcast! In today’s episode, we are going to kick off the video edition of our show, introduce a new host, talk about upcoming events, and more!


Adding the RSS link HERE.

I fell in love with podcasts again thanks to the Gnome Podcast app and the freedom of relying on RSS insteead of platforms like Spotify or Google Podcast.


Thank you for sharing! We’re making some changes to the podcast’s website and it’ll soon be easier to subscribe to the RSS feed.

this was soo useful! thanks for sharing pal!

@itguyeric I enjoyed today’s episode and look forward to the next (possibly at the summit! :smiley: )