2024-05-28 Community Blog Editor Roundtable

Better late than never! Here is last week’s editor roundtable, right before we have tomorrow’s roundtable. :wink: A lot of these pieces are already in motion, but it was worth capturing here before we go into tomorrow’s editor roundtable.

Highlighted articles this week are the DEI Team report and an Infra & Releng quarterly update. The Fedora London meetup article also published last week, thanks to @roseline-bassey. There were more pending articles than we had time for last week. We will keep working through the queue in tomorrow’s roundtable.

The automatically generated meeting report is available below. Hope to see folks tomorrow! :wave:

Meeting started by @jflory7:fedora.im at 11:31:36 UTC

Meeting summary

TOPIC:Intros, welcomes, hellos (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:31:44)

TOPIC:Pending article review (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:35:01)

TOPIC:Schedule planning (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:53:49)

  • INFO: Review all the articles discussed previously. Determine the publishing schedule. Editors should either +1 or -1 the proposed schedule to ratify it. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:53:56)
  • LINK: Upcoming Community Blog (CommBlog) posts (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:54:00)
  • AGREED: Thu, 30 May: Fedora London Meetup comes alive in 2024 (@roseline-bassey). Tue, 4 June: Fedora DEI Team 2024 Q1 Report (@jflory7). Thu, 6 June: Infra & Releng Quarterly Update (@amoloney). (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:56:42)

TOPIC:Open floor (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:57:07)

  • INFO: Topics and all other business that did not fit in elsewhere in the meeting agenda. (@jflory7:fedora.im, 11:57:11)

Meeting ended at 11:59:41 UTC

Action items

  • @roseline-bassey Edit the London meetup article for publishing
  • @jflory7 Edit the DEI 2024 Q1 article for publishing
  • @amoloney Edit the Infra & Releng quarterly update for publishing

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