2023-10-12: New vision/mission statements, Fedora Appreciation Week plans, & the DEI Advisor role

Howdy everyone! The Fedora DEI Team met for our fortnightly meeting today. We met on Matrix today, and we used the snazzy new Meetbot to take minutes. See the meeting minutes on Mote here.

In today’s meeting, we covered three tickets:

  1. Final review of our new vision and mission statements
  2. Checking in on the Fedora Appreciation Week plans
  3. Updating the DEI Advisor role handbook

#17: Define DEI Team vision and mission statements

Our new team vision and mission statements are approved:


“The Fedora community empowers contributors from diverse backgrounds to speak up, participate, and lead. The DEI Team supports Fedora contributors in making inclusive spaces, both as active contributors including others or as new contributors making their start in the Fedora community.”


“The Fedora DEI Team empowers diverse Fedora contributors by organizing events that celebrate Fedora community members and by partnering with DEI communities in Fedora to sustain safe and inclusive spaces for connections. Through events and DEI communities in Fedora, the Fedora DEI Team is also a bridge to other open source communities and the larger FOSS ecosystem.”

@jonatoni and I will tag-team getting this into our team documentation by our next meeting on 26 October 2023.

#15: Fedora Appreciation Week 2023

Things are on track. A small sub-group of the DEI Team is meeting every Monday to make sure we are keeping on track with planning the Appreciation Week.

Help wanted! We are ready to start collecting Contributor Stories for this year’s Appreciation Week. In 2018, we launched Contributor Stories, a way that anyone can share a personal story or positive experience they had with another person in the Fedora community. After five years, we are bringing it back once again. During Fedora Appreciation Week, excerpts of stories will be curated and published on various Fedora channels (with consent of the person sharing the story). Stories can also be shared anonymously.

Submit a story in our Stories GitLab repo

#20: Revisiting the DEI Representative to Council Role

We agreed on this plan. For #20, our meetings will now include dedicated time for the DEI Advisor to update the team on how things are going with the Fedora Council. In the next meeting, we will take the Responsibilities section of the DEI Advisor role handbook and do real-time revision and editing to take into account the recent feedback. Then, we will take a final review of the changes and move them to the official docs page once approved. Then, #20 can be closed as complete.

@jonatoni and I will work on prepping a HackMD pad for the team to live-edit in our next team meeting on 26 October 2023.

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