2023-08-21 @ 15:00 UTC - Fedora Quality Meeting

Fedora Quality Assurance Meeting

Greetings testers! Once again it’s been a bit of time since we last met, sorry for that. Let’s meet up on Monday!

If anyone has any other items for the agenda, please reply to this email and suggest them! Thanks.

PLEASE NOTE as the Matrix/IRC bridge is down right now, and we don’t have a meeting bot on Matrix yet, the meeting will have to be on old-school IRC. If you’re not familiar with IRC, the easiest way to join is probably through the webchat interface - pick any nickname and type “#fedora-meeting” in the “Channel” box.

Proposed Agenda Topics

  1. Previous meeting follow-up
  2. Fedora 39 status, inc. anaconda webUI review
  3. Flock report
  4. Test Day / community event status
  5. Open floor