2023-08-14 PyTorch Meeting Notes

I don’t see any meeting notes on Discourse yet so the formatting will be a bit of an experiment. Thoughts on whether to have one topic per meeting or a topic for all the meeting notes would be appreciated.

The meeting was not heavily attended and the organizer was able to attend due to an unexpected conflict so the meeting was mostly ad-hoc discussion.

Cadence and Scheduling

There have been concerns raised about both the timing and frequency of the PyTorch meetings. There will be another topic this week covering the meeting schedule going forward.

Status Updates

General PyTorch Updates

There were no updates on the general PyTorch packaging effort

pytorch/cpuinfo package

This is a dependency of pytorch and while it does build on ppc, it doesn’t appear to actually work but others have gotten pytorch to work on ppc before so there has to be some workaround/fix. It’s unclear how helpful upstream will be on this, though.


  • progress has been slower due to vacations, flock etc.
  • mlopen (one of the rocm components) appears to have dependencies which are not listed on the HC SIG ROCm Packaging List
  • tflink is working to determine whether the G4ad EC2 instances will work for testing rocm in Fedora


Testing is going to be an issue going forward, especially once we take HW-specific features (ROCm, OpenCL, Vulkan etc.) into account.

The current hope is that Fedora CI will be enough for testing in Fedora if the g4ad EC2 instances end up working out. If that doesn’t work out for some reason, we may need to explore other options.