2 little bugs I encountered in F40

So I did sudo dnf update and the beta (pre-release) suffix is removed from everywhere. I guess it is updated to stable???

But these 2 little bugs are still there. I did not get time to report or share but now let me share and I need some help maybe how and where to report these.

First one is I cant add Microsoft personal account in Settings->Online Accounts->Microsoft Personal->Sign in
In Fedora 40, we are taken to the sign in page in default browser but I am getting a error. Here is the screenshot.

Second one is related to Gnome I guess. When I swipe up twice or double click windows key to get to all applications, I can usually open any application folder and to close it click anywhere else on the screen or press escape key. But when I open any application from the folder and later try to close the folder after opening it, I can’t close it unless I click escape key. Clicking anywhere else on the screen to close the folder doesn’t work. Here is the screen recording - Video

Both of these issues are not big and doesn’t affect my daily work flow but it might not be the same for everyone. Anyone else can try if these are not limited to only me?? Thanks in advance.


Added workstation-wg

I’ve tested,Microsoft Personal is work for me now, but only for mail.

I encountered something like those above No.1, see this. It seems f40 break some functions of Online Account. Now I’m backing to Thunderbird. If you know where to report bugs, please let me know.