2 EFI partitions, which one should I delete? G7


I had windows 10 on my drive after I got preinstalled ubunutu removed. Then I installed, Kubuntu and then while installing Fedora 36, I added another EFI file. I want to delete my windows partion.

Now, I’ve 2 EFI files on my drive. As mentioned above, one is pre Linux distros (KU22 & F36) installation and second one is that I added alongwith Fedora. Which one should I delete? Should I also delete recovery and Microsoft reserved partion along with efi and other ntfs (windows) partition?

What is the size of those 2 EFI partitions?

I will merge the contents of the EFI partitions into the one, test boot.

Once OK, then I will remove the extra one.

This thread is directly related to this other one and all discussion should be done in one thread. Multiple threads on the same topic are confusing and hard to follow.