120hz refresh option on LGCX using Intel iris GPU is missing since kernel upgrade

I recently installed Fedora 37 on an Intel NUC 12 device, which has an LG CX Oled tv attached via hdmi. After install, the screen was working fine and I was able to set resolution to 3840x2160 @120hz (confirmed by tv’s osd). Very smooth window and mouse pointer movement as expected.

After performing a system update and a reboot, the option for 120hz refresh was no longer presented, and the max refresh selectable is now 60hz.

Through installing a series of older kernels the last version that allowed 120hz on this display seems to be 6.0.18. All of the kernels after that (6.1.x) that I’ve tried only allow me to drive the display at 60hz.

I’m assuming this is a regression for Intel GPU / edid info reported by the display, and will need to be fixed in the main Linux kernel rather than a Fedora issue, but I just wondered whether anyone else had experienced similar issues with missing display refresh options using f37/gnome/wayland/kernel 6.1? Thanks.