120hz display support

Hi. Thank you for all your work on Asahi!
This may be answerd, will Asahi get 120hz display in the future?

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Sure, once we figure out how to make VRR work :wink:

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Good news!

I use parallels and vmware on my mac, and it is enough to set 120hz there and it works.
No problem with vrr.
I think the asahi handles the video card differently?

Is there any kernel boot parameter or mesa parameter to enable 120hz?
Is it even buggy?
For personal use? :slight_smile:


Parallels and VMWare do not emulate Apple Silicon systems, they emulate generic ARM systems, and therefore Linux running in a guest has absolutely nothing to do with Linux running on bare metal.

No, there is no way to enable 120Hz right now. If it worked we would have enabled it. (I don’t get why people keep thinking we randomly withhold features for no reason?)

Sorry, I didn’t think you were holding back without a reason.
I thought that it was disabled because it was buggy, as can be read in the Asahi announcement.
And that it’s only disabled, which can be enabled for crazy people like me :smiley: