10-key (numeric keyboard) not working when connected via VNC to Fedora 35 or Ubuntu 21. Both are using GNOME - is this a bug?

I use VNC (RealVNC “VNC Viewer” app) on my Mac to connect to Linux desktops: Fedora 35 & Ubuntu 21. They both are using GNOME desktop: 41.1 for Fedora, and 40.5 for Ubuntu

I recently discovered that the 10-key (numeric) part of my Mac keyboard no longer works on either desktop when connected via VNC. These are both physical machines, but I have not yet tried actually connecting the same keyboard to the Linux machines yet since I need the VNC connection to work. I have disabled “Mouse Keys” but this has no effect and did not resolve the issue.

Is this a bug in GNOME perhaps? Worth mentioning that the 10-key does work in Windows and macOS when connected via VNC. Also, for whatever reason the 10-key does work in the calculator app in Linux, but nothing else. When trying to use the 10-key to enter numbers in a text editor app I just get the “ding” error sound. When trying to use it in the terminal it prints outs all caps letters: for example - 123456789 shows:

[me@fedora35 ~]$ BDECA