Special Interest Groups

Go The place for regular Go users and packagers as well as for members of the Go SIG in Fedora. Rust The place for regular Rust users, developers, and packagers as well as for members of the Rust SIG in Fedora. RPM Packaging The place for RPM packagers.
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About the Special Interest Groups category 1 October 10, 2018
Check requirements.txt against existing packages 4 August 17, 2019
Build works locally but not in copr no target or makefile found 3 August 14, 2019
Tools/applications written in Rust

Which tools/applications written in Rust you miss in Fedora repositories? Do not hesitate to make proposals in a reply! I’ll keep topic updated with the progress. Already packaged Project Description Availability …

22 August 5, 2019
Need help in creating a simple spec file for a vanilla kernel to be used on Fedora 2 July 19, 2019
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2 new apps for music tweakers on Fedora Workstation 1 May 2, 2019
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Privacy/Freedom/Security/Transparency 3 March 7, 2019
DevConf.CZ 2019: Rust Meetup 1 January 15, 2019
React and patternfly (or other nodejs) build requirements 9 December 4, 2018
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RFC: New crates packaging design (features have their own subpackages) 12 October 26, 2018
How do Proven Packagers do their task? 2 October 23, 2018